Friday, February 14, 2014

Scorpion's Snare--Welcome to the Bloody Valentine Blog Hop



Valentines Day!

Today, while most people are sniffing carnations and roses, indulging in gooey-stuffed chocolates, going out to romantic candlelight dinners (or for those stuck in the snow, possibly ordering in), or sharing those tart heart-shaped candies--we (that is, my fellow poets and I) are delving into the heart-shattering, streaming-tears-till-the-world-floods-out, dark and terrible side of love. 

Welcome to the Bloody Valentines Day Blog Hop, everyone! I hope you enjoy all the heart wrenching (and hopefully somewhat humorous) poetry we have to offer. Once you read my Bloody Valentine, please hop on over to A. F. Stewart's blog, read her bloody valentine, and then keep hopping! Some poets may have prizes and giveaways on their sites for you as well, so make sure to check it out. 

And now... prepare your clothes for the cleaners, my friends, because this will get bloody!


Blue-velvet butterfly flits over and under
December gusts above lapping, rolling waves.

Horn-fire-scorpion with locked pincers outstretched,
Welcomes her to shore, with his devil-eye-masked-sideways-grin:

He beckons her with clasped claws concealed.
Inland she flies, then comes to rest alongside;

She gazes into his median-eye. The silver moon & stars blur,
dancing in all eight red-snap poison-dart eyes.

He lures her in, this steaming hunk-of-shell;
But as poison bubbles in venom-glands, and aculeus

Prepares to sting, his shifting eyes soothe her velvet
Wings, and through the wood they flit and titter,

Side-by-side, this butterfly and scorpion.
Wing and pincer embrace alongside streaming riverbeds,

Then, duck behind waterfalls that pour torrential teardrops down
Effervescent veils and sheathing.

Inside their enchanted cavern, the aculeus

Scorpion swarms with his venomous sting, pounding velvet
Flesh: crimson beads, streams, surges, floods-dirt, and stains.

Another morsel: Scorpion chews blue-velvet, then retreats
to await his second-course.

~ Caroline Adele O'Brien


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